President’s Post

With the O.G.A. Convention now in the past, it is time to start a new year. I am very lucky to have a fine group of officers working with me, even though we are all individuals we have the same goal in mind. To improve the Association and hopefully make it better.

Our new Web Master, Robert Johnson, of Ali Baba Grotto will play a key roll in promoting our agenda. This year we are concentrating on better communication not only from The O.G.A. to the Grottoes, but also from Grotto to Grotto. We will be trying to prevent conflicting date for special events among each other. We are also committed to attracting more Red Tassels to attend the conferences and conventions. We would love to bring back the break-out sessions for upcoming officers, which would help with future communications.

We would also like to hear problems and ideas each and every Grotto has. To quote our Grand Chief Justice, Tali Atala, “ if you bring us a problem, feel free to give your ideas of how to fix it’.

And in closing I would like to add, that when an O.G.A. Officer comes to visit your Grotto, he is there to for you. So don’t be ashamed to discuss any matters that may be of importance to you.


In Good Fellowship:

Ken Riley  PM, OGA President

Deputy President Message.

Prophets of the O.G.A.,

It looks like the worst of the winter is history and thanks for that. Spring is here and our Spring Conference is coming upon us fast. The weekend of April 27th and 28th is just around the corner. If you haven’t made your reservations in Zanesville, Ohio yet, it is time to do so.

The O.G.A. and Amrou Grotto have a fun-filled weekend planned. Sometimes the ladies events sound better than ours. Along with the events planned, our business meetings should be very educational for all Grotto’s. Several new ideas and changes will be brought before the body. A new budget for next year will also be presented. The Officers and Past Presidents are always trying to think of ways we can better serve the Grottos. The more input we have from everyone, the easier this job becomes. If you and your Grotto have anything that you think would improve the O.G.A and make it work better, we would love to hear your ideas.

In closing, I’d like to remind every prophet that the Red Tassels are our future. Do everything you can to encourage them to get involved. Young ideas are great and we need them.

See you in Zanesville,

Ken Riley O.G.A Deputy President



April 2018 OGA Meeting Info

Hey, the latest information for the April meeting of the OGA has been posted to the website.  Be sure to check it out.  Looks like Amrou Grotto is planning a good time for us.   Just head on over to the Zone Info page for details.

I am looking forward to Amrou hospitality.  They have always done a good job welcoming travels and I expect it to be great again.  And don’t tell Shannon that I am kind of excited about the square dancing on Saturday evening :).

Josh Anderson, PPOGA
OGA Webmaster

Welcome to the OGA Notes

I just want to post a welcome message to the OGA Notes blog.  The purpose of this blog will be for the Officers and Past President’s of the Ohio Grotto Association to be able to keep Prophets aware of the happenings around the OGA.

As we move forward with this blog do not be surprised if it changes or the use gets refined.  This is just a happy side effect of attempting something new and attempting to increase our ability to communicate.

Josh Anderson, PPOGA
OGA Webmaster